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Callback Series 2018

Máscaras afuera (Masks Off): Shouting secrets

Marta and Luisa meet at a radio studio. Marta is divorced, she has a daughter, is a radio announcer, is promiscuous and also prejudiced. Luisa is married and has a son; she is an accountant, and recently she discovered something with a man that changed her life. The chat that begins as an encounter between two friends revealing secrets to each other, changes in rhythms and intentions to better face truths which oblige the women to take off their masks, and for the first time talk without appearances and thus being heard by the other. Secrets that will be made known and will make audiences laugh with this creative and dynamic comedy. Máscaras afuera, awarded as Best Play at Hispanic Federation FUERZAfest in May 2017, was originally written by Joselo Arroyo for male actors. This year it returns in an adaptation by Edna Lee Figueroa for female actors, performed by Edna Lee Figueroa and Edmi De Jesús, directed by Gerardo Gudiño. Performed in Spanish with English translation.

Seis (Six): The irrationality of prejudices

The play by Federico Roca is a tribute to six transgender women killed in Uruguay between 2012 and 2013. From the six incidents, just only one was resolved. Humor and the absurd of prejudices set the scene. The play spotlights characters marginalized by social norms and suggests that all citizens are responsible for each one of these hate crimes. Also, Seis shows the human side of the victims by a cast comprised by Carmen Borla, Javier Figuera, María Fontanals and Jerry Soto. The troupe of actors create a deep reflection about respect, social inclusion and a commentary on each individuals role through acting, dance, and live music. Directed by Pablo Andrade, this production is characterized by its dynamic nature and by powerful performances. In Spanish with English translation.

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