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World Premiere

March 15 – March 31, 2024


By Ian Robles

Directed by Mario Colón

A Puerto Rican drama about colonialism and a trampled national identity.

It’s July of 1898, the United States troops have stormed into the Southern coast of Puerto Rico and Lío, a young Puerto Rican fisherman, helps a US marine that was left behind by his troop. As they both struggle to communicate, time bends and Lío suddenly finds himself trapped inside a cyclical nightmare of colonial exploitation.


World Premiere

April 5 – 21, 2024

Los garabatos de la luna: A Tale of Wishes, Travelers, and Doodles

Written and directed by Diana Chery-Ramírez

A bilingual play for the entire family. Small travelers with big hearts meet on a difficult journey to visit The Moon. She will grant them a wish only if they make it on time and decipher a secret message.

Los garabatos de la luna: A Tale of Wishes, Travelers, and Doodles will allow the audience to experience a migration quest made by a group of new friends as they test their physical, intellectual, and moral strengths.

The Jeffrey & Paula Gural DANCEseries2024

World Premiere

April 12 – 21, 2024


Jurukán Productions

Written by Maurizio Najt
Directed by Rubén Darío Cruz

From lonely whispers to passionate steps: Explore the soul of Tango, a dance born from the immigrant spirit.

Join us on a journey through time and rhythm as we delve into the history of Tango and its enduring power to connect us with our roots, our emotions, and each other. Witness the evolution of this captivating dance, feel the raw passion in every step, and discover the stories etched in its every beat.