An online 20-hour workshop for actors in which we will work on the text of our 2024 Fall Main Stage production.

CLOSED An online 20-hour workshop for actors who want to learn how to perform Spanish Classical Theatre.

Teatro Círculo believes artist development to be a critical part of its future success.

Our Artist Development Program seeks to sustain and grow the future of Spanish Language Theatre, through three major programs, including play development, masterclass artist workshops and affordable rental program. They promote theater artists in all disciplines from both established and early/mid career Latinx voices that address important issues of our times.

The Artist Development Programs signals Teatro Círculo’s intention of creating a safe space where up and coming writers, actors, directors, dancers and performance based artists are encouraged to imagine strong, innovative works and plays that address contemporary issues, while supporting each other through the process of creation.

Our most recent workshop The Urgency of Playwriting 2023 with Diana Chery-Ramírez was a success.

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Provides world-class instructors on Spanish Classic Versification; Playwriting; and Acting for young and mid-career artists,

  • Playwriting incorporating classical values, emphasizing simplicity, clarity of expression and the use of exacting visual imagery.
  • Performance: Acting, Singing, Choreography, & Dance
  • Spanish Golden Age Theater Versification
  • Programs for people over 50 years old


Gives access to below-market rate rentals for rehearsals, performances and community gathering space to artists and the East Village community.