Conceived & Choreographed by

Al Margen Flamenco

A powerful Flamenco dance program that explores the notions of loss and transformation in the throes of grief.

From March 4 to March 13, 2022

Al Margen Flamenco’s returns to live performances at Teatro Círculo exploring the topic of grief in our new production Re-Flexión. This topic will be explored in a variety of ways, including its various literal translations–pena, dolor, aflicción–as well as its looser associations–añoranza, soledad, pérdida.

Instead of taking the audience through the stages of grief in a linear fashion, the artist will flow from piece to piece reflecting on the last two years, along with other moments in our life, and attempting to process what this pandemic has meant for us as artists.

Artists: Mary, Ryan, and Alfonso (audio contributions from Aliesha, Laura, and Adrián)